Branding Impact

When Impact Learning reached out to us about the launch of their new business we knew we wanted to help their brand make an IMPACT. Their coaching services were the perfect mix of professionalism and personality, and we felt like this was entirely our vibe.

We started our conversations with Impact by getting to know coaches Pete and John and finding out what made them tick. Their experience in the industry and their unique personalities made this a fun endeavor. It also helped us to create a brand for them that captured both sides of their business. Our first step was building a logo that sold the idea of IMPACT in a big way. Working with the image of a “newtons cradle” we created a sleek modern logo with just enough movement and flair. Next, we created a series of PDFs that explained the way their business worked. We carefully curated images, and colors to give the PDFs a clear message. The final step was in creating a website that combined the brand standards and messaging.

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