Communication Mastery for The ColorWorks Group

The ColorWorks Group

Client: The ColorWorks Group

Project Overview:

SkyCastle Productions collaborated with The ColorWorks Group, led by the dynamic communication coach Kathleen Edelman. The objective was to design a website that not only served as a comprehensive resource for The ColorWorks Group’s diverse offerings but also captured the essence of their vibrant and impactful communication mastery programs, especially focused on the groundbreaking tool of the four temperaments.


  1. Comprehensive Resource Hub: Develop a website that seamlessly integrates various facets of The ColorWorks Group, including educational resources, seminar information, book details, and an online shop.
  2. Tonal Precision: Capture the distinct tone and approach of The ColorWorks Group’s communication methods, ensuring that the website’s content resonates with their unique philosophy.
  3. Color-Coded Branding: Leverage the power of color to create individualized branding for different target audiences within The ColorWorks Group. Assign specific colors to different tools, creating a visually cohesive yet distinctive look for each.
  4. Seamless Shopify Integration: Incorporate The ColorWorks Group’s wholesale shop seamlessly into the website using Shopify with developer tools, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for visitors.

Design Approach:

  1. Color as a Communicative Element: SkyCastle Productions utilized color as a central design element to represent different tools within The ColorWorks Group. Each temperament was assigned a specific color, creating a visual language that reinforced the distinct identity of each tool.
  2. Tonal Harmony: The website’s content and design were meticulously crafted to reflect the dynamic and impactful approach of The ColorWorks Group. The tone was calibrated to resonate with the essence of their communication mastery programs.
  3. Resourceful Layout: The website’s layout was designed to serve as a comprehensive resource hub, providing easy navigation for visitors seeking educational materials, seminar information, and access to The ColorWorks Group’s books.
  4. Shopify Integration: SkyCastle seamlessly integrated the wholesale shop into the website using Shopify, enhancing the overall user experience for those interested in purchasing The ColorWorks Group’s products.


The collaboration between SkyCastle Productions and The ColorWorks Group resulted in a visually stunning and functionally robust website that effectively met the project objectives. The color-coded branding not only added a visually appealing element but also facilitated easy navigation for visitors.

Ongoing Impact:

The ColorWorks Group now has a digital platform that authentically represents their philosophy and serves as a dynamic resource for their audience. The distinct color-coded branding has become a recognizable feature, contributing to a unified yet diversified online presence.

SkyCastle Productions remains committed to supporting The ColorWorks Group’s digital journey, ensuring that the website continues to evolve in alignment with their growth and changing needs. The success of this collaboration highlights the effectiveness of using design elements such as color to convey not just aesthetics but also the essence of a brand’s philosophy.

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