Dental Tech Launch

Dental Tech website design by SkyCastle Productions Atlanta Website Design firm

The Launch of Dental Tech

When Dental Tech Co-Founder Dave Finete came to us asking about website solutions for educating his clients about their new specialized merchant services company we jumped at the opportunity to build a tool that not only educated, but guided users through the website with ease and beauty.

In their own words:

DentalTech is a unique merchant services company specific to the dental industry. Our unique products allow the checkout experience to occur anywhere and at any time. With consistent reporting every 90 days, you are kept in the loop on your PCI compliance and effective rates.

When working on the site our first step was to see what their client base was used to looking at on the web. We reviewed dentist websites and other merchant service providers' websites. We noted what worked, and what seemed stale from these sites. We also put together a list of colors, fonts, and imagery that would give the site and established and trustworthy feel in the medical and dental space.

This project took roughly three weeks from concept to data entry, and finally the launch of the site.

If you are a dentist looking for safe and secure merchant services check out Dental Tech's website!


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