Do It Yourself vs Hiring a Guy

Lots of my clients want to put their best face forward when they're working on their marketing. They want an amazing website, logo, and printed materials. However, it when it comes to their social media presence they don't realize the importance of making sure this professional face is translated through weekly posts, and videos.

Recently Selena Day of Queen Living reached out to us about taking her video marketing to the next level.
Earlier in the year we had helped Selena by teaching her the tools she needed to make her own videos, and how best to upload, tag, and share them. Her videos were doing well, but she wasn't getting the feedback she wanted on them. In early March she came back to us and we discussed a few new options for marketing her videos, but ultimately what we decided upon was that our team would take over her video marketing efforts. 

Each month we go to Selena's business set up lights, camera, and microphones and direct her videos. After this we edit them and post them with the most effective tags, and keywords.

The results have been astounding. 

On the left you can see a video that we had instructed Selena to create. This video has been up about a month, and has been viewed just over 100 times, and has very few shares and likes. The video is doing okay, and often times in person Selena got very good feedback as to her message. This feedback was encouraging, but it doesn't translate into an effective online authority. 

The video on the right was the video we created, posted just a few days ago, you can see that the video has more than tripled in views, and has almost twenty times the shares. 

The message Selena is sharing is still the same, encouraging and empowering women, but the platform we created has given it a professional edge. Selena was thrilled to see that the professionally edited, and lit video preformed so well, and has already began reaching a much larger audience. 

If you're interested in taking your marketing to the next level and would like to discuss video and social media marketing be sure and reach out to us. We'd be happy to help. 

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