More with Less Cover Design

Book cover for "More With Less" a graphic design work by SkyCastle Productions based in Atlanta

We absolutely love working with authors to bring their vision to life in cover design. Check out this cover we did for Author J.P. Zealand.

"More WIth Less" is a journey into time management and helping you to be more productive with less clutter in your life.

When capturing the essence of "More With Less" J.P. Zealand and designer Hannah Day discussed the idea of the pending to-do list. How we fill our lives with a clutter of things to do, and have, and be. The author wanted to encompass how freeing a blank page could be with a simple design and calming colors.

This was when the idea of the typewriter imagery was implemented. The typewriter signifies the ability to write your own schedule, and make time for what's important for you while the blank page reminds you that less is more. To further emphasize this the title of the book was also produced in a typewriter-style font.

You can purchase your copy of the book "Less With More" on Amazon.

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