Our Latest Passion Project: Fan Fic Book Club

We’re so proud to announce our latest passion project Fan Fic Book Club! Hannah, Lauren, and Lexi tackle all creative works about fantasy and movies written by fans.

This book club style podcast was developed by Lexi Blevins and includes her best friends Lauren Lyngarkos and our own Hannah Day. SkyCastle Productions has had a blast in recording and editing this podcast and invites you to dip your toes into the world of fan fiction with Fan Fic Book Club!

Fan Fic book club is available on most major podcast providers. Be sure to like, follow, and subscribe to this great project!

2 thoughts on “Our Latest Passion Project: Fan Fic Book Club”

  1. I absolutely cannot believe how fast I fell into this pod. I am not a huge reader of fan fic, nor of shipping culture in general, but this pod may have changed my whole outlook on the subject. The three hosts are relatable, funny and most importantly knowledgeable. Even when they’re not, their research shows and I can appreciate the hell out of that. The addition of having the author as a guest on one episode was amazing. There are some tangents that are off topic, but I absolutely love that part as well. They make the hosts more likable and I need more. Be ready to binge when you start this podcast. Keep up the fantastic work ladies!


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