Social Media for Change

As business owners, we believe it’s important to use our skills to help effect change and educate our community about the issues. Social Media is one of the best tools for creating a message that sticks. This is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Piedmont Rape Crisis Center for SAAM.

SAAM is Sexual Assault Awareness month and takes place every April. During SAAM crisis centers, and civilians are encouraged to share their stories of survival, and educate others about sexual assault. Our goal in working with PRCC was to create graphics that did just that. Educate, inform and engage. We accomplished this through working closely with PRCC and their team to learn about the issues, and design graphics for their social media to showcase the important issues.

In addition to eye-catching graphics, we also created several reels, and story campaigns to engage users.

If you’d like to follow PRCC you can on Facebook and Instagram! As well, if you have been impacted by rape or sexual assault please call the crisis center’s hotline: 770.586.5423

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