St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church – Website Transformation

Website design for St. Augustine Episcopal Church in Morrow GA.

Bringing Tradition into the Modern Website Era

In the pursuit of embracing the digital age, St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church embarked on a transformative journey to update its website, originally designed in 1999. The goal was not just aesthetic; the church had evolved significantly since its inception, with new ministries, services, and a growing bilingual congregation.

Website Tour: St. Augustine of Canterbury

Key Objectives:

  • Modernization: The outdated design was replaced with a contemporary, user-friendly interface to better engage visitors and provide a seamless browsing experience.
  • Information Hub: Recognizing the diverse needs of its congregation, the new website was structured to serve as a comprehensive information hub. Events, ministry opportunities, and service details were prominently featured.
  • Bilingual Accessibility: Catering to the expanding English-speaking community, the website was designed in both English and Spanish. This not only welcomed a broader audience but also reflected the church’s commitment to inclusivity
  • Education and Outreach: An essential aspect was educating the public about the Episcopal faith and highlighting the church’s outreach efforts in the community. Engaging content was crafted to convey the Episcopal identity and values.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: The design prioritized mobile responsiveness, ensuring that the website was accessible across various devices, and accommodating the preferences of a tech-savvy audience.

Key Features:

  • Events Calendar: A dynamic events calendar showcased upcoming church activities, services, and community events.
  • Ministries Section: Detailed pages for each ministry provided information about their mission, activities, and how members could get involved.
  • Bilingual Service Information: A section, updated regularly in both English and Spanish, became a platform for sharing stories, reflections, and community news.
  • Virtual Tour: A showcase of the church’s memorial garden, fellowship hall, and sanctuary allowed online visitors to explore the physical space, fostering a sense of connection.
  • Episcopal Education Section: This segment explained Episcopal traditions, beliefs, and the church’s role in the community, fostering understanding and connection.

Results: The revamped website successfully blended tradition with modernity. It became an invaluable tool for the congregation, offering a seamless online experience and serving as a bridge between the church and the wider community. Through its bilingual approach and rich content, the website reflected the warmth and inclusivity that defines St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church.

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