Staying Connected – Episode 7

Welcome to Staying Connected, brought to you by SkyCastle Productions. 

In Staying Connected our goal is to help business owners navigate the uncertain times we’re currently living in, and help provide tips to operating a business when your customers and clients can’t physically be on site.

Top 5 iPhone/Android Photography Tips

1. Clean those lenses!

We all use our phones constantly and tend to forget how our hands may dirty up the lenses. Keep a cloth handy or alcoholic wipes and remember to wipe those lenses shiny clean before taking pictures. 

2. Composition – Use the rule of thirds

The Golden Rule: Placing your subject in the thirds of your frame. Find an appealing arrangement for your subject by where they are located in the frame. Placing your subject in the thirds is going to give a more appealing composition and thus more pleasing to the eye. 

3. Focusing and Exposure

Make sure your subject is in focus by tapping directly on the screen. Once you are in focus, drag up or down to control the “brightness” of your image. A good exposure Is essential to creating an engaging image. 

4. Lighting

If you have a desk lamp, congrats! You have your own controllable light source! If not, use the next best thing; THE SUN! Sometimes the natural light pouring through a window is often the best source for lighting. Natural sunlight gives a warm, inviting and intimate feeling; all good emotions to connect you to your client base. 

5. Goals for your image; how do I want my audience to feel, what style am I going for? 

Before mastering any of the technical stuff, ask yourself these questions before anything else. What style do I want to capture? Who do I want this style to connect with? How do I want them to feel when viewing my images online? Outlining goals for your images will help you focus your basics when taking an image for social media.

Once you have these steps mastered, your brand identity will begin to have a presence on social media, and engaging with your audience remotely will become second nature. 

For more details on utilizing the iPhone camera:

For more details on utilizing Android cameras:

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