Staying Connected – Episode 8

Welcome to Staying Connected, brought to you by SkyCastle Productions. 

In Staying Connected our goal is to help business owners navigate the uncertain times we’re currently living in, and help provide tips to operating a business when your customers and clients can’t physically be on site. 

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Don Wilczynski (Will-Chin-Ski) the Chief revenue officer of FineTech Business Solutions, a merchant service provider based in the Atlanta area. 

About Don

Don joined FineTech in September of 2019 and has three roles (selling, partner sales, and agent sales leadership). Don has 27 years of financial services experience with 23 years in credit card processing solutions. He left Corporate America after working for three publicly traded companies to work for an emerging payments company in FineTech.    

David (FineTech’s owner) and Don first met back in 1999 and have kept in contact since working for FirstData. David has built a company from the ground up and now has close to 4,000 clients.   David started FineTech in 2014 after a distinguished 15+ year career at First Data. He founded the company based on three values:  

  1. Customized solutions
  2. Personalized service
  3. Transparent pricing with no contract.  

He believes and both he and Don embrace, if our prices are right, service is exceptional and the right solutions are leveraged a business has no reason to seek another provider.

Questions for Don

H: Don, you were telling me that there are two customer types you’ve been helping the most during this Quarantine time? Who are you helping most? 

H: If someone is selling retail products (Clothing, Equipment, or any other physical item) what do they need to get started selling online? 

H: If someone owned a restaurant and wanted to take online orders what do they need to get started selling online?

H: What is the main difference between Square, or PayPal and services provided by a Merchant Service provider? 

H: Is there a way to keep track of stock using the same system for an online store, as well as a physical store? 

H: What kind of fees are associated with credit card processing? Are start up costs? Monthly costs? 

H: What is a stripe account? Why do I need one? 

H: If someone has a business offering curbside pick up of products or food do you have a mobile credit card processing solution that will allow them to take credit card payments from the curb?

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