Staying Connected – Episode 9

Welcome to Staying Connected, brought to you by SkyCastle Productions. 

In Staying Connected our goal is to help business owners navigate the uncertain times we’re currently living in, and help provide tips to operating a business when your customers and clients can’t physically be on site. 

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about maximizing your shopping cart. 

My favorite shopping cart

In our previous episodes, we’ve talked about choosing the best shopping cart as well as choosing the best payment gateway to suit your business needs. 

(Episodes 3, 4 and 8). 

For the purposes of this video I’ll be showing you how to maximize your shopping cart and your customers’ shopping experience using my favorite shopping cart plugin for wordpress WooCommerce. 

Why WooCommerce? Well, WooCommerce offers one of the biggest selections of add-ons, product creation types, and features to help you set up upsells and suggested product types I’ve found on the PlugIn marketplace. 

As well, the core plugin for WordPress is free so the barrier of entry for someone starting a shopping cart is very low. While the plugin itself is free many add-ons do require you to pay an annual fee. 

Creating Eye Catching Products

When you’re setting up your products in your store you want to make sure that they not only accurately display your products, but they are also eye catching.  

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure you’re using the best options available to you in stock photography. If you’re using a physical product make sure you’re lighting is optimal and the images are clear, if you’re using a digital product try and create a “cover” for the image with a graphic that explains what the customer is purchasing. 

Best ways to integrate

If you have a physical store and sell the same products from  your store it’s important to make sure your online store integrates with your physical store. Assigning sku and accurate stock numbers to these products will help to limit confusion with shipping, and ordering new products. 

What if I sell digital products? 

In my opinion WooCommerce has one of the easiest formats for selling digital products. When creating a format you can select “digital” from the drop down menu on “product type” and it will tailor the information you need to provide for your digital product. 

What if I’m selling for in-store pick up?

Selling for in-store pick up can be done by creating a “virtual products” are products that aren’t downloadable, or available for shipping. These products are perfect for when you want someone to complete their product purchase online and come to your location to pick it up.

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