The Honest Accountant Website Launch

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I am so excited to announce the launch of The Honest Accountant’s brand new website!

When CPA John Leland came to Hannah Does Design to discuss the possibilities of creating a functional and educational site for his business I couldn’t wait to get to work. John is an amazing CPA, focusing on helping people understand their financial situations. He specializing in non-profit accounting and has so much experience in the field I’m certain you won’t find a better choice in the Atlanta area.

John’s website came with a few challenges. John’s vision was to show people that their financial situation wasn’t a burden holding them back, but a key to building an adventure. He wanted to marry the ideas of professional accounting, with a fun and captivating design that drew his audience in. We were visually able to accomplish this through a two part design. The first part was using the color scheme established in creating his brand to put an overlay on top of professional images that told the story of what accounting is for most people, and what it could be through the use of a certified CPA. The second was to use a subtle mountain motif behind the content. This motif draws in the reader, into the content and displays that rugged sense of adventure that John wanted to capture.

Our second goal in creating The Honest Accountant’s website was to put together content that was not only grabbing as a call to action but was informational; explaining what each service was and how John could help with it.
To be honest when starting this site I wasn’t entirely sure what the difference was between tax planning and tax preparation, and thanks to John’s amazing content build I am very familiar with the differences now.

If you’re interested in creating a beautiful site and building engaging, yet, informational content be sure and check out my web design page and packages. While you’re at it, check out John Leland, The Honest Accountant’s website and learn about how you can take care of your business with the help of a certified CPA.

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