Updates for Growth

When a client’s company shifts from one focus to another it is essential that their marketing and website shift with them. This is why growth and scalability should be synonymous when building a website.

Edited website for Fusion Dental based on company growth. By SkyCastle Productions, Atlanta GA Web Designer

Our client Fusion Dental Solutions knew this was the case and when they realized the focus of their business was changing they knew they could come back to us and together we could strategize a solution. The first step was to identify imagery that their clients responded to. These images also needed to effectively serve their brand. The second step was to structure their home page to qualify their potential client’s needs before they ever pick up the phone or send an email.

Using a variety of tools at our disposal we re-built their home page with new textures, images, and text. Each section on the home page used a graphic element, movement element, and text to best explain the purpose of the products.

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