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When a creative client comes to us looking for a website it’s always fun to crack open their heads and see what their creative process looks like. This was exceptionally true with Anna Puerta and Jason Baskin on Illuminated Creative!

Illuminated Creative is a video production company based in Atlanta, they offer the full range of video services. Everything from short bumper videos for YouTube to TV-ready commercials and music videos. This creative duo does it all.

So when it came time to build the new website for their company they wanted something that showcased all they could do.

Illuminated Creative reached out to our Lead Designer Hannah Day to discuss their current website and their needs in updating to a new one.

Their first concern was showcasing to their potential clients what their areas of expertise are, and helping guide them through the process of production so that they could make the decision to work with Illuminated Creative on their projects. The second concern was how those potential clients would find them.

Previously Illuminated Creative was hosting their website on a WIX based platform. As is usually the case with WIX they were having a hard time making sure their mobile site was displaying functionally, and that their link structures were conducive to rank in search engines. They also felt constrained with WIX’s template options.

Hearing this Hannah was able to put together a design that worked well on mobile, but also grabbed the attention of potential clients using graphics, and placement of Illuminated Creative’s already fantastic videos to encourage potential clients to engage with content and information.

Moving Illuminated Creative off of a WIX platform and on to a WordPress website allowed for more creative freedom as well as the peace of mind that future SEO endeavors could be accomplished thanks to straight forward link structure, and a platform known for its search engine assessability.

Be sure to check out Illuminated Creative’s new website and give them a call if you’re in need of any video production!

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